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Moods Fitness and Dance Studio Havant opened in 2010, it has been managed by Kfit Leisure for over 2 years and the premises has been owned by Ronald Wiltshire’s property company for 33 years, his daughter, Karen Wiltshire, has helped manage her father’s commercial properties since retiring in her early twenties from a flat racing career after becoming the first professional woman jockey to win a professional flat race in the UK (google, ‘Karen Wiltshire Jockey’ to read sports writer and author, Nick Townsend’s Racing Post article which describes how her extreme weight loss caused by her career affected her health and you will understand why she feels it’s so important that weight and fat loss programmes are safe and beneficial to your health), despite no longer having to follow her strict fitness routines and drastic diets to sustain her fitness levels and dangerously low body weight required for her racing career, she remains passionate about fitness and as a fitness instructor enjoys motivating clients to achieve the same remarkable results which she, herself, achieved when due to a fractured foot three years ago had gained a couple of stone in weight but with a hectic lifestyle had not noticed her rapid weight gain and had ignored comments about resembling ‘Bridget Jones’ until she took a glimpse of herself on the big screen at Royal Ascot during a broadcast for Ascot TV, she was so shocked by her overweight image that she managed to lose 2 stone in 8 weeks by using hydraulic muscle strengthening equipment (which aids fat loss) and cardio gym equipment and by combining gym workouts with fitness classes and eating healthily (practising portion control), this proved to be an enjoyable and safe way to lose weight and is the concept the new ‘Curve Fit’ club (inside Moods Studio) recommends to its members wanting rapid weight loss.

Moods Studio Class Timetable offers a huge variety of cardiovascular and conditioning classes ensuring there’s something to suit everyone, seven pilates classes per week and two yoga classes offer opportunities 6 days per week to strengthen and streamline your body and cardio classes aid weight loss. There are over 20 classes to choose from and our friendly, dedicated fitness instructors will give you information and advice on all classes to help you decide which ones suite you.

We don’t think you will find a more friendlier fitness venue than Moods Studio in Havant and with the new Curve Fit Club opening inside Moods in April, there will be monthly social events for members. A recent independent survey showed 100% of Moods Fitness customers would recommend us to a friend.

Personal training is available with REPS level 3 qualified instructors if required.